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Principal's Desk
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Bai Avabai High School is the oldest high school in Valsad district catering the need for the academic excellence for the last hundred and five years. The school began in the year 1897 with limited classes, the dream of late Bai Ava Bai a generous and benevolent woman of the Chothia family of the Parsi community, started on a small scale, today it has turned into a very huge building taking care of more than 3500 students of various caste, creed and religion. The school strives to provide educational in a comprehensive way. A child gets full opportunity to exploit her talents and capabilities to the optimum.
           Principal Shri R. M. Patel
We endevour sincerely for the following :
Our Motto

Vidyaya Amrutam Anushante

Which means that one obtains nectar of knowledge through learning.
Our Mission
To inclute the spirit of democracy and sublime thinking of the past and present great personalities of Indian culture science and Technology. We try out best to provide each student with maximum opportunity to gain basic skills, academic skills, and emotional maturity through curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular activities.
Our Vision
To build the strong characters of the student so that in the rapidly changing world of today, they face every challenge with utmost confidence, integrity and accountability. We believe that academic excellence in education nutures overall excellence and good practices.
Our Aim

To gift society not only scholars but also sensitive citizens with humane approach while interacting with other human beings in the society.

We do not prepare future for the students; we prepare them to create future for themselves.

Value Education

An exciting all round education is the first step to change potentiality into reality. Under standing each element of a Childs need structuring its fulfillment by providing individual attention both inside and outside the class room is our Prime concern and priority we strive to develop their personal integrity, excellence, courage, confidence and self esteem and also instill in them the right values and principles of life. A through grounding in traditional academic disciplines, Team work, Problem solving and risk taking is essential to build up knowledge with a global perspective.

BAB emphasizes on providing ambience in which education is collaborative and interactive which equips the young learners with confidence and self-reliance to face the unknown. Our aim is to inculcate learner skill of productivity and creativity humanity.

We firmly believe that academic excellence in education breeds overall excellence and good practice.

What can you expect when your child enroll with us ?

  • Ideal school environment
  • A wide range of co-curricular and extra curricular activities.
  • A strong management vision inspires the staff to implement of the board curriculum for your child.
  • Creative approach to teaching/learning
  • Strong focus on language efficiency, oral skills and personality development.
  • Stress free learning environment.
  • Group work to promote creative thinking and learning from others experience.
  • Qualify, sensitive and nuturing teachers.

Provision for indoor games is also made so that students can avail the facility for healthy recreation, Besides recreation, sports also inculcate the sports man spirit, resilience and dedication which are pre requisite traits for sound character building.

  • Cricket
  • Table Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Chess
  • Volleyball
  • Eco Club
  • Dna Club
  • National Service Scheme

The school has vast play ground which gives ample opportunity to develop their skills in a variety of outdoor games. Sports are an essential component of the school curriculum because our belief is that “A sound mind resides in sound body” There is a huge “A. H. Wadia Pavilion” the centre of attraction of the ground.

The school has gained name and fame in the field of cricket. The school has gifted number of brilliant cricketers to the Valsad dist.

The school has well furnished library with a rare collection of books of Science and Literature Of Hindi,Gujarati and English. Not only that some of the books are rarest of the rare. The students utilize the library and its collection to satisfy their hunger for knowledge and information. The education programmes telecast by Government Of Gujarat through DTH helps the student to understand the various subjects with better understanding. The school is equipped with well-furnished science laboratory. The school has also well equipped Computer Lab with specious classes and qualified computer instructors.

The school has specious echoless A-H Wadia Hall with modern sound system. This hall is utilize for Indoor games and other cultural activities of the school.

ECO Club

ESTABLISHED           : Since 2004-05

Views                           : To save the wastage of an environment

:  To plant trees/ to give the trees as gifts.

The children should be encourage for the awareness of our environment as well as its protection. The animals/ insects should be protected / Rally should be organized.

Environmental meeting should be arranged with the guidance of District Forest Officer and the principal for the identification of trees, birds and animals.

The above activities conducted by Mr. Anil G. Thakor, teacher of Bai Ava Bai High School, Valsad.

DNA Club

DBTís Natural Resource Awareness clubs

The National Bio Resources Development Board (NBDB) of the Department of Biotechnology has taken a practise step in promoting awareness towards bio-diversity, bio resource and bio technology with an emphasis on conservation and wise use of bio resources for sustainable development. For this Department of Biotechnology has launched DNA clubs in selected school in each state.

In our district only our school is selected for DNA club. Itís glad to know that our school is selected for DNA club among the school of  Navsari, Dang and Valsad district. Std. 7th , 8th , 9th and 11th class students are the member of the DNA club.

DNA club Activity

- Held visit to study bio-diversity.

- Lectures and Discussion session on Bio-diversity.

- Tree plantation.

- Drawing Competition

- College competition

- To collect samples of seeds, flowers and small twigs for making herbarium sheets.

- To prepare various chart and projects.

- To find cut animals, who eats whom to make food chains and a food web of the area.

National Service Scheme

National Service Scheme is a community service programme of Education run by the Indian government under the department of Education and Sports in the colleges and the universities in India.

The Main Objectives : The main aim of the national service scheme is to create the feelings of social responsibilities among the students and to involve in the community service programme as well as to provide them special Educational opportunities. It has also tried to provide the several opportunities such as:

i)   To work with people and among the people.

ii)   To become active for creative and constructive activities.

iii)  To the knowledge about  yourself and about the community.

iv)  To encourage the students to solve and to tackle the social problems through knowledge 

     and  skills of their own.

v)   To develop the skills and strategies for Democratic leadership.

vi)   To make them develop such skills and abilities so as to make them the grab the self 


vii)  To build a bridge between literate and illiterate mass of the society.

               viii) To motivate them to serve the needy people of the society.


Bai Ava Bai School has a team of highly qualified, dedicated staff headed by Shri R.M. Patel, a well known mathematician of South Gujarat. The teaching learning process is students centric. We believe in constant enrichment, upgradation and orientation of various subjects can only make teaching learning process spontaneous lively and dynamic. We also give importance to project based learning. Our learned staff puts its best efforts to impart up the curriculum and knowledge based learning. Our staff strives to nurture the ability of the students and learning skill to the extent of their caliber

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